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What is Catprofiler?

Criminologists use the behavioral science of psychological profiling to find and catch criminals.  CatProfiler uses feline behavioral profiling to find and recover lost cats.  CatProfiler has developed methods for analyzing each individual cat based on different markers, including lifestyle, history, and temperament.  Each cat’s unique behavioral profile gives us insight to their choices, which allows us to predict their behavior.  With an accurate behavioral profile, we can predict what that cat will do when s/he is lost. 


CatProfiler was created by accident:  in 2003, Jenne Mundy’s cat, Katka, got out.  Through intimate knowledge of that one lost cat, Mundy was able to guess where she would hide and what she would do.  By the time Mundy recovered her three months later, people started asking if Mundy could do the same thing for their cats.  Mundy started by collecting detailed histories with the help of the owners.  She developed a “feline behavioral profiling” methodology to measure and analyze the data for each lost cat.  Mundy eventually founded CatProfiler, where she continues to use her skills to reunite owners with their missing cats. 


Mundy was one of the founders of Missing Cat Assistance, and she continues working in collaboration with rescue organizations and non-profits throughout the country. She has assisted in the recovery of over a thousand cats and their families worldwide. She also works with local San Antonio families to coach them through any behavioral misunderstandings they have with their cats. She volunteers with local shelters and does TNR to assist with the San Antonio overpopulation of feral cats. Mundy has appeared in National Geographic Kids, Prevention, Iams, Purina, The San Antonio Express News, and other local news. She’s been a guest of Animal Planet and Discovery. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with two cats who showed up one day and never left. 



catprofiler’s mission

Finding every lost cat in the world. Providing humans with the tools to communicate effectively with their cats and get them home as quickly as possible. Coaching and supporting humans through the process. Understanding and respecting each cat as a unique individual shaped by experiences, lifestyle, and personality.

catprofiler's beliefs

Grieving a beloved pet’s death is a terrible thing.  But it’s final, you have closure.  When your beloved cat is lost, that grief never ends.  You never stop wondering, never stop blaming yourself.  It can upend your life, and often your family and friends aren’t supportive because it’s just a cat.  Because most people aren’t trained in lost cat behavior, they can say unintentionally hurtful and damaging things.  Behind every lost cat is a grieving owner who needs help and support to get their cats home.