Cat Behavior and Training

Aggression, anxiety, litterbox aversion, spraying, introductions, biting, territorial aggression, phobias, socialization, leash training, and more.

Is your cat misbehaving? Cats are stubborn and inventive, and they never do anything they don’t want to do. Solving cat behavioral problems has to start with learning your particular cat’s language. Why are they being destructive? Why won’t they listen? Why are they always up on the counter or walking on the keyboard while you’re trying to work from home? Is it even possible to train your cat? I’ll get you and your cat on the same page so that everyone can live together in peace and harmony.

In-home Behavioral Consultations: $300

Zoom Consultations: $200

What's included?

  • Objective assessment of each individual feline
  • In-depth look at each case history 
  • Therapy and treatment 
  • Methodical, manageable strategies
  • One-on-one support and coaching for two weeks

During the pandemic, consultations are provided via Zoom. I’m able to assess behavior very effectively using video chats because I can see your cat’s behavior in ways I don’t usually see during in-home appointments.

Kitten looking at working woman's laptop

Help! My cat won't use the litterbox!

You have a cat who won’t go where s/he is supposed to go? I can hear your frustration from here! No one wants their home turned into their cat’s outhouse. But your cat doesn’t want to live like this either. Cats are fastidiously clean. This could be due to a medical issue, a litter or box preference, or because another animal won’t allow them access. When your cat doesn’t use the litterbox, it’s a sign that something is going terribly wrong. Together we’ll identify the source of the problem and get your kitty back on the right track.

My cat bites!

It’s upsetting when your perfect angel chomps, nips, bites, or scratches you. It’s horrifying and embarrassing when they bite your guests! It’s also quite dangerous. People tend to give cats a pass because they’re not as big as dogs, but a cat’s mouth carries harmful bacteria that cause infections. Cat bites and scratches HURT and they can take a long time to heal. We’ll help your cat learn what’s appropriate behavior – and what’s out of bounds.

My cat is an aggressive bully!

Your cat won’t get along with your other animals? Do you feel like you’re constantly breaking up differences of opinion before they escalate? Are your cats fighting, and fur is flying? You’re not sure if they’ll ever get along? You don’t have to live in a war zone. I’ll help you identify the source of the conflict and reframe negative associations and misunderstandings between your pets. Let’s get your family back on the road to peace!

My cat won't let me sleep at night!

Does your cat’s night madness keep you up? Does your cat get the zoomies or yowl at 3:00 am? Or does your cat wake you up in the morning with a paw in your face or a claw in your eye? You don’t have to live your life hostage to your cat’s nocturnal lifestyle. You can get your cat to sleep through the night, and I can show you how.

How does it work?

  1. Take a few minutes to fill out the contact form to tell me what’s going on with your kitty. Go straight to the booking page to expedite the process! 
  2. We’ll have a video meeting so I can see the territory and meet your feline family. 
  3. We’ll set up some strategies tailored to fit your unique cat that are manageable, logical, and that make sense to you and your family. 
  4. We’ll keep in touch via text or email for updates and follow-up coaching to set your and your cat up for long-term success!  4 weeks of follow-up questions included.

Before scheduling a behavioral consultation, it’s a good idea to take your cat to the vet to rule out any underlying medical causes for behavioral irregularities. I regret that I am unable to provide medical advice.

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