The Cat Connection: a Feline Candy Store

A quick Google search of “Cats in Dallas” brings up The Cat Connection, the biggest cat supply shop in Texas.  I had to check this out!  

The Cat Connection looks like an old-time candy store, with enormous mason jars lining the shelves stuffed with brightly colored cat toys. Wand teasers, catnip-marinated mice, collars and harnesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and collar bling are artfully arranged to make you want to buy everything in sight.  It’s a miracle I didn’t come home with the whole store. 

Browser the Texas Library Cat

What’s the farthest you’ve travelled to meet a celebrity?  A few days ago, I drove six hours across the heart of Texas in hopes of seeing Browser, the library cat in White Settlement, a small community on the outskirts of Fort Worth.  I’ve wanted to meet Browser for years, ever since I heard about the drama and controversy surrounding his tenure at his library.  He sounded like a working class hero, a pillar of the community, friend to retirees and children alike.  

Leia: The Inspiration Behind the Garage Suite

I was on my cat-themed tour of the Dallas Metroplex  when I stayed at the best-rated and most beloved Air B & B in Texas: The Garage Suite in Plano, hosted by Sonja and her feline life partner Leia.  First-time cat owner partnered with a first-time human owner.  How do they make it work and live their dream?  Find out in this exclusive interview with CatProfiler.