Browser the Texas Library Cat

What’s the farthest you’ve travelled to meet a celebrity?  A few days ago, I drove six hours across the heart of Texas in hopes of seeing Browser, the library cat in White Settlement, a small community on the outskirts of Fort Worth.  I’ve wanted to meet Browser for years, ever since I heard about the drama and controversy surrounding his tenure at his library.  He sounded like a working class hero, a pillar of the community, friend to retirees and children alike.  

El Gato Chupacabra Cabrillo, the Tabby Cat Who Wooed His Neighborhood

He was the biggest kitten in his litter, healthy and alert.  At first glance, he was just a regular gray tabby, but as he regarded her with a calm intelligence, she found him more and more striking.  His thick fur was more silver than gray, and the bold stripes and whorls on his body were almost dark blue.