What if my outdoor cat doesn’t come home?

Outdoor cat comes home

My outdoor cat Charlie didn’t come home last week. If only I know a cat behaviorist who could help me find my cat! If only I hadn’t spent five days exploring the black hole of sheer terror and despair! If only there was a web application that finds lost cats and tells you exactly what to do!

The Cat Connection: a Feline Candy Store

A quick Google search of “Cats in Dallas” brings up The Cat Connection, the biggest cat supply shop in Texas.  I had to check this out!  

The Cat Connection looks like an old-time candy store, with enormous mason jars lining the shelves stuffed with brightly colored cat toys. Wand teasers, catnip-marinated mice, collars and harnesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and collar bling are artfully arranged to make you want to buy everything in sight.  It’s a miracle I didn’t come home with the whole store. 

Come Play at the Cozy Catfé

The Cozy Catfé in Arlington, TX is the most recent addition to the cat café market in the Dallas Metroplex.  It just opened in December of 2021, and in the space of just 10 months, it’s had 89 adoptions.  WOW!   I was on my cat-themed tour of the Dallas area when I stopped by to meet the residents. 

The Pawsome Cats of Dallas

Love travel, roadtrips, and cats?  CatProfiler has you covered with a cat-themed tour of the Dallas Metroplex!  The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington center of North Texas has limitless possibilities of things to see, do, and places you can’t possibly miss, including cat cafés, a working library cat, the biggest cat supply store in Texas, and an Air B & B run by a fetching cat named Leia. Did you know that Dallas cats are even more friendly than their human counterparts? CatProfiler has prepared a tour of the essential highlights. 

Browser the Texas Library Cat

What’s the farthest you’ve travelled to meet a celebrity?  A few days ago, I drove six hours across the heart of Texas in hopes of seeing Browser, the library cat in White Settlement, a small community on the outskirts of Fort Worth.  I’ve wanted to meet Browser for years, ever since I heard about the drama and controversy surrounding his tenure at his library.  He sounded like a working class hero, a pillar of the community, friend to retirees and children alike.  

Leia: The Inspiration Behind the Garage Suite

I was on my cat-themed tour of the Dallas Metroplex  when I stayed at the best-rated and most beloved Air B & B in Texas: The Garage Suite in Plano, hosted by Sonja and her feline life partner Leia.  First-time cat owner partnered with a first-time human owner.  How do they make it work and live their dream?  Find out in this exclusive interview with CatProfiler.  

El Gato Chupacabra Cabrillo, the Tabby Cat Who Wooed His Neighborhood

He was the biggest kitten in his litter, healthy and alert.  At first glance, he was just a regular gray tabby, but as he regarded her with a calm intelligence, she found him more and more striking.  His thick fur was more silver than gray, and the bold stripes and whorls on his body were almost dark blue.