Come Visit the Enchanted Cat Café in Reno, Nevada!

This feline crew is having the time of their lives while they wait to meet their human partners in crime!

Have you ever wanted to borrow someone else’s cat?  All cuddles, but no commitment?  Maybe you’re not in a financial position to have a cat.  Or maybe you don’t have the space.  Maybe you’re allergic, or your roommate is.  The solution?  Try a visit to the Enchanted Cat Café, the first dedicated cat café in Reno, Nevada!  Grand re-opening on Friday, September 9th!

The Enchanted Cat Café: created by cat lovers, for cat lovers! 

Kallie Laity became the owner of the Enchanted Cat Café on July 1, 2022, fulfilling her lifelong dream.  Kallie has lived with cats her entire life,  and her cats are her family.   She provides a magical wonderland, a cat-enriched space for rescue cats and café customers.  Humans and cats are happy, comfortable, and safe, which leads to better furever matches!  

“It’s a great way for the cats to socialize with each other and with people.  To have an environment where people can see how the cat may act at home.” — Kallie Laity

Enchanted Cat Cafe cat Toby
Toby and I made friends, but he’s been adopted. Lucky family!

Why should I consider adopting from the Enchanted Cat Café?

Shelters can get a little depressing.  The cats are usually stressed out, confined in kennels with humans poking at them.  Is this the feline equivalent of dancers trying to get their big break on Broadway?  The “look at me!” reach as you try to catch someone’s eye and make an impression.  All the pretty, young ones get chosen first.  It’s even worse when there are dogs at the same facility – the nervous barks of all those desperate pups just looking for their home.  Too much noise makes cats anxious and overwhelmed.  You’re not seeing them at their best. 

The Enchanted Cat Café is in an enormous, open space, comprised of three main areas:  

  1. the café and meeting area, where the food and drinks are prepared.  You can see into the cat lounge through many windows
  2. the cat lounge, a totally catified wonderland where you’ll meet and interact with a variety of different cats
  3. the second floor, the kitten cottage, with tables and comfy chairs, stocked with kittens who’re dying to meet you
Mittens likes to sit at the bar so she can watch what’s going on in the cafe space.

Allergic to cats?  No problem!  

Each space is kept meticulously clean, and the air purified to cut down on dander.  (I’m badly allergic to cats, and I came prepared with inhalers and allergy medication, but I didn’t need either.  So I can testify that this place is CLEAN.)   

The Enchanted Cat Café works with several rescues from rural neighborhoods, where the cats normally wouldn’t get many chances for a love connection with families looking to adopt.  These are the cats in most dire need of help, and there’s a waiting list to get in.  

The Enchanted Cat Café is a heavenly place to bring a friend, have a date, or do a solo spiritually cleansing study session and get some great coffee.   You can play board games with your best friends while you pat the cats.  Or take a study break and work on your cat massage techniques.  Or sit at the bar in the café and have a delicious pastry and cold brew while you watch the cat show through the windows!  This is a magical place with built-in endorphins.  I guarantee you won’t want to leave this paradise of chill vibes and happiness!  

Pro-tip:  you can get a monthly membership.  Scientific studies show that a making the Enchanted Cat Café part of your weekly routine lowers your blood pressure.

Did I mention the events?  The Enchanted Cat Café hosts a delicious variety of events, partnering with groups like Reno Rabbit Rescue and craft fairs with local vendors! 

Doesn’t story time with cats sound like a total blast?  How about a crochet class with cats helping wind the yarn?  Or a cat trivia night?  And yoga with adoptable cats!  They all happen here!  I’m dying to try a kitten yoga class!  SERIOUSLY, THIS IS A THING.  Kittens interrupting your savasana and climbing your warrior one.  Who knows more about yoga than a kitten?  Big stretch!   

Cat yoga at the cat cafe
Toby gives a big stretch before getting some pats.

The Enchanted Cat Café is fun for humans, but the real winners are the cats.  All the cats are rescues, and most of the residents are adoptable, and I promise you’ll immediately fall hopelessly in love.  This crew is having the time of their lives while they wait to meet their human partners in crime!  

All the cats in the cat lounge and the kitten cottage are getting socialized, not only to humans, but to other cats in the colony. 

It’s invaluable for these cats to learn to trust humans and develop coping skills that will help them navigate any situation in their later lives.  All of the spaces are entirely tricked out into a cat fantasy of climbing walls, activity centers, shelves, trees, and low shelters so they have infinite options and places to go and things to do.  The tables, sofas, and coffee bars provide tons of different spaces for the cats to meet humans on the same level.  Essential for cats to feel confident trusting a variety of humans.  Also perfect for pats, cuddles, and gazing into your feline’s eyes! 

If you meet at the Enchanted Cat Café, you get to know WHO each cat is. 

When selecting a furry life partner, it’s important to find the one.  It’s hard to connect at a shelter, when both of you are under pressure and anxious.  What their personalities are like, and if you’ll be a match.  And if you have any questions, Kallie is there to help you!   

Wouldn’t you want to spend time at the Enchanted Cat Café if you were a foster cat?  If you’re far away from Reno, consider supporting their work!

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