The Pawsome Cats of Dallas

Love travel, roadtrips, and cats?  CatProfiler has you covered with a cat-themed tour of the Dallas Metroplex!  The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington center of North Texas has limitless possibilities of things to see, do, and places you can’t possibly miss, including cat cafés, a working library cat, the biggest cat supply store in Texas, and an Air B & B run by a fetching cat named Leia. Did you know that Dallas cats are even more friendly than their human counterparts? CatProfiler has prepared a tour of the essential highlights. 

Ready for a cat-themed tour of Dallas?  CatProfiler has you covered!

Cat themed tour of Dallas
The route!

First Stop:  The Cozy Catfé

740 SW Green Oaks Blvd #200 Arlington, TX 76017

Our first stop on our cat-themed tour of the Dallas Metroplex is The Cozy Catfé!  The newest cat café in the area, it’s located in Arlington.  Easily the largest cat café I’ve visited, it has generously oversized, bright, and airy rooms.  A family-owned labor of love, the cat café’s mission is to provide adult cats marooned in shelters a safe and comfortable place to wait for their furever families.  Since the Cozy Catfé opened in December of 2021, they’ve had 89 adoptions.  

The room you don’t want to miss is the Cozy Workspace, where $10 will get you unlimited coffee refills while Mews and Diva, the resident seniors,  help you work on that deadline.  These two are a bonded pair who were surrendered after the death of their human companions.  Mews is an orange tabby, bright, and creative.  He’s eager to keep your papers warm.  Diva is more likely to cheer you on in between regal yawns from her poofy bed.  Her white fur is so thick and glossy she looks like an arctic fox.  A discerning feline, it takes her a few visits to warm up to people, so consider a monthly membership!  

Cozy Catfe senior Mews

While you’re wandering around the maze of rooms, note the paintings on the walls, the creations of local elementary children and painting classes held at the catfé.  You’ll recognize some of the meowdels.   

The Cozy Catfé is one of the most serene places on earth.  These cats are happy and secure in the knowledge that they can relax and be themselves as they interview applicants for the positions of live-in staff and cuddlers.    

Cat-themed Dallas Tour — Second stop:  The White Settlement Library

8215 White Settlement Rd., White Settlement, TX 76108

Browser the Library Cat
The White Settlement Library is protected by Browser.

The White Settlement Library on the outskirts of Fort Worth is home to Browser, the Library Cat, internet celebrity and no stranger to controversy.  Browser is a 13-year-old shelter cat who’s lived in the library since he was about a year old.  He’s a gray tabby mix, and although this is unconfirmed, I suspect part of that mix is Maine Coon.  He’s big, steady, calm, endlessly patient with children, and his ears have the telltale Maine Coon tufts on the tips. 

Browser the library cat
Note the tufts on his ears.

When you meet Browser, you’d never guess that only a few years ago, he was in real danger of an early retirement.  But the community rallied around him, and with the support of the internet, he was offered a permanent position at the library.  Browser is an active and beloved member of the White Settlement community, and all he wants is to keep doing his job. You should stop by to say hello!  He’d love to meet you. He likes all the pats.  

Third stop:  The Charming Cat Corner Cat Café

2401 S. Stemmons Fwy #1306 Music City Mall Lewisville TX 75067

The Charming Cat Corner Cat Café.

What makes the Charming Cat Corner unlike any other cat café is the owner’s whimsical artistry.  There’s the Godswood Room, one of two Game of Thrones-themed rooms.  There’s the Tropical Room, bathed in natural light and looking like a scene from Magnum PI.  Every room has a different theme and function:  there are quiet, dark rooms, where more anxious cats can relax and stay low, and bright, rooms with views so more social cats can watch people passing.  Every space is carefully designed not just for human wonder, but for whatever the different cats need. 

The owner and mad genius behind the Charming Cat Corner Cat Café is Bev, a long-time foster mom who observed that her foster cats faced tremendous stress every week come adoption/audition day.  Her fosters had six days of relaxing at home, but every weekend, they had a full day of non-stop stress.  Cat carriers.  Car trips.  Bright lights, noise, and chaos.  People grabbing them, judging them, and rejecting them for being too anxious. How can cats or people find their purrrfect match when they’re speed dating?  So Bev created a fantasyland of different environments, something for every cat and human to feel right at home.  The Charming Cat Corner Cat Café works with Kitty Saveand they’ve had 10 adoptions in the last month alone.  

Fall color provides the perfect camouflage for this brown tabby.

You’re likely to meet Myrtle, a black cat with special needs who likes to work the desk and have the caretakers carry her around during tours.  Myrtle has lost her vision in one of her eyes, but that doesn’t get her down.  If you sit down during your visit to the Charming Cat Corner, expect Myrtle to get in your lap and say hello.  

Fourth stop on our cat-themed Dallas tour:  The Cat Connection

14233 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

Want to check out the biggest cat supply shop in Texas?  The Cat Connection is a feline version of Honeyduke’s.  It feels like an old-time candy store, with enormous mason jars lining the shelves stuffed with brightly colored cat toys. Catnip-laced stocking stuffers, wand teasers, catnip-marinated mice, collars and harnesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and collar bling are all artfully arranged to make you want to buy everything in sight.  It’s a miracle I didn’t come home with the whole store.  

The Cat Connection is a proudly women-owned small business that’s been in operation since the 1980s.  They do boarding and grooming, but for cats only.  No canines!  Human customers appreciate that Cat Connection is staffed by cat experts.  Cat clients agree that they can look forward to relaxing vacations and spa days because it’s a canine-free facility.  The women who work at the Cat Connection love each and every one of their lucky clients.  Guests feel it the moment they walk in.  The store has a vibe of peace, serenity, and happiness.  

Snowflake’s recommendation. I bought it.

Working at the store are Snowflake and Gracie.  Gracie, an 18-year-old tuxedo, kept an eye on the parking lot from her cat tree by the front window, but she took a break to say a quick hello.  Snowflake, an 8-year-old grey tabby mix, helped me pick out a toy and a Christmas collar for my hostess at the Air B & B where I stayed during my travels.  

Fifth stop on our cat-themed Dallas tour:  The Garage Suite 

Plano Tx 

Beautiful cat
Leia, the groundskeeper.

Looking for somewhere to rest your head after your journey?  The Garage Suite is a luxuriously appointed Air B & B in Plano run by Sonja and her grounds manager Leia, a young and highly active strawberry tabby.  Allergic?  Not to worry, Leia doesn’t enter the Garage Suite.  It’s the best Air B & B you’ll ever stay in, with the most comfortable bed this side of the Pecos, a full kitchen, laundry, and a spa-like bathroom that has its own central heating separate from the bedroom.  Talk about luxury!  You can sit on your private patio (also heated) to have your coffee as you watch the light filter through the potted plants.  Or you can walk through the grounds and see if you can spot Leia!  She’s very busy, but she loves greeting guests.  

The Garage Suite mirrors the design aesthetic of spas in Alpine and Marathon.  The suite is decorated with treasures found on Sonja’s travels, including leather saddlebags and harnesses, longhorn skulls, cow skin rugs, and rustic lighting.  A comfy chair in the bedroom has a side table stacked with books about Texas history and the local sights.  

You need rest after a long day of cuddling cats.

Sonja and Leia’s next big adventure is to rehab one of the privately-owned tourist courts and motels popular in the mid-20th century.  They fell out of fashion when the huge chains like Hilton and Hampton Inn rolled in.  But doesn’t the world have enough anonymous big hotels?  There’s nothing like the feeling you get when someone leaves the light on for you and welcomes you into their home.  

The Garage Suite caters to couples and single travelers, and you’re welcome to stay completely contactless, drive right up to your private parking spot, just steps from the door.  Or you can seek out Leia and her human Sonja!  


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