The Cat Connection: a Feline Candy Store

A quick Google search of “Cats in Dallas” brings up The Cat Connection, the biggest cat supply shop in Texas.  I had to check this out!   The Cat Connection looks like an old-time candy store, with enormous mason jars lining the shelves stuffed with brightly colored cat toys. Wand teasers, catnip-marinated mice, collars and harnesses of all shapes, colors, and sizes, and collar bling are artfully arranged to make you want to buy everything in sight.  It’s a miracle I didn’t come home with the whole store. 

14233 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

Snowflake:  Floor Manager

Snowflake was working the register, almost as hard as she was working the poor human behind the counter.  Apparently her luncheon was late, and she wasn’t thrilled.  Snowflake is a 9-year-old gray tabby mix, with liquid sea green eyes and a mostly white body highlighted by soft gray patches on her forehead, back, and tail.  Her snow-white fur is so thick you can write your name in it.  (Not that anyone would ever dream of doing such a thing.) 

Snowflake’s recommendation. I bought it.

Snowflake was 6 when she came to work permanently at the Cat Connection.  “I used to board here, and the owner and I have become close friends over the years,” Snowflake told me.  “This is where I wanted to live when my owner passed.  There’s always so much going on here.  It keeps me busy.”  She picked out a feathered wand teaser and batted at it gently.  “Get this. You won’t be sorry.”   

Cats only at the Cat Connection, please

The Cat Connection is a women-owned small business that’s been in operation since the 80s.  “Did you know that my human has over 20 years of experience grooming cats?”  Snowflake asked me.  No, I didn’t know.  Just cats?  Snowflake became rather emphatic. 

“Do you see any upset cats around here?  We’re feline exclusive.  No canines allowed.  Our clients need to feel like they can really relax during spa days and their vacations.  Would you enjoy yourself if you had a chihuahua next door?  Now excuse me, there’s my ride to lunch.”  Snowflake said, as a lady picked her up and carried her to the back of the store.  

Snowflake had a point.  The Cat Connection has a vibe of peace, serenity, and happiness.  It smells unbelievably clean, which is quite a feat considering how many cats are just behind the counter.  The Cat Connection ladies clearly love each and every one of their lucky clients.  

Cat Connection sign
Stevie and Snowflake only, please.

I looked around the Cat Connection appreciatively, noting the selection of cat trees with notices that say “Please don’t climb the trees unless your name is Stevie or Snowflake.”  But where was Stevie?

The Cat Connection has everything you need to make a cat and a cat lover happy

The Cat Connection is fully stocked with anything you could possibly need for a healthy, happy, well-adjusted feline, including tons of products your cat wishes you would find out about.  It’s also the perfect place to shop for humans. I very nearly bought a “Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure” for my cat sitter Companion Keepers Cat Sitting  It came complete with a set of six cats. 

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure
Just the Thing.

Stevie:  enjoying active retirement

Stevie has worked at the Cat Connection for 17 years.
Stevie: on the job for 17 years.


Stevie is 18, but she could easily pass for six.  She has eyes like emeralds outlined in cat-eye black eyeliner.  Her black forehead and cheekbones are like a mardi gras mask decorated with bright white whiskers, a white nose, and a black chin, and her medium-length coat is soft and completely devoid of tangles.  

Stevie told me she was part of a litter that lived there, and that all of her siblings were adopted.  “I’ve been working here since I was a baby,” Stevie told me.  “I don’t work the floor anymore, but I keep an eye on things.  That collar you were looking at?  They’re really comfortable.” 

I had been eyeing the Beastie Bands, thinking about how pretty the red one with snowflakes would look on Leia, my Air B & B hostess.   “Nice to meet you,” Stevie said politely, as she caught her own ride to lunch. I went to the counter to buy my wand toy and red collar.  

Just ahead of me in line at the counter were two gentlemen picking up a longhaired calico in a luxurious cat carrier.  The calico seemed intent on filling them in on everything they’d missed while she was on vacation.  I overheard a snippet of their conversation as the two men left the store:  “You’ll have to sit in the back seat.”  He wasn’t talking to the calico.  

Cat Connection
You’re in the right place.

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