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Platita 2

Platita & Ben

Ben first met Platita when he first moved into his downtown apartment complex. She came up to him, meowing plaintively. She told him she was desperately hungry, cold, and all
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Kiara & Marianne

I had been at my cottage for 2 weeks when my Kiara decided to leave on the eve of the first snowfall of the year with temperatures hitting -12 C.

Louloutte & Sophie

On August 23rd, my female cat Louloutte fell off the balcony on the 2nd floor of my apartment. I heard her on the street, looked down but the time I got

Obi & Daniëlle

Five days after moving our sweet cat Obi escaped from our new home. After two weeks of searching and wondering where he was I found Jenne’s website. Within 24 hours


In September 2019, my big tuxedo boy, Plato, escaped through an untended, open back door into an alley outside our home in Philadelphia. He escaped at night, and we didn’t

Doby, Nick, & Micaela

Jenne, He’s home!!!!  Sure enough he and another cat were face to face (similar to the shiva experience) on the large yellow roof. we went one floor down to get a
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