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Found Cat Stories

Sam, Ben, & Terry

We lost our youngest of five cats, Sam, as I was carrying him to the car at 5 a.m. on a Tuesday morning to take him to a veterinary specialist

Lily & Kris

A few years ago my kitten got out and I was devastated, I got a hold of Jenne got her # off the internet she assured me my kitten was

Arthur, Jen, & Stephen

Hey Jenne, WE HAVE ARTHUR!   We went back at 12:30 when it was pretty quiet and Stephen went up the ladder.  Arthur tried really hard and travelled the five or more

Pleuntje & Caroline

Pleuntje is back!!!! Jenne, I hope you are feeling as good as I do now! Last evening I received a phonecall from a man that told me he had seen a white

King George & Laura

Dear Jenne, I am so happy to have met you and so happy that King George is back! He lost almost 4 lbs and the white part of his fur looks almost

Grishnackh & Rebecca

Grishnackh made his escape into the outside world at about 2am.  When we realised we started the normal panic and running around the street.  While trying to work out what
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