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Bugs, Earl, & Becky

When our kitty 'Bugs' went missing in late May, my wife was absolutely distraught.  It seemed like everything we were trying was failing or was at least a day late. 

Spock & Sheila

Jenne has been a vital asset and great help to us finding our cat, Spock! She had incredible insight to a displaced cat's behavior, and was integral to helping me
Crumb Bun

Crumb Bun & Maggie

I had been searching for Crumb Bun for two weeks with no real leads and I was feeling completely lost myself when I called you. By the time we were

Aria & Audrey

Hi Jenne, Great news!  She's been missing for 27 days and is finally home! She's not traumatized at all and maybe just lost a pound or two. Unfortunately she's more interested

Harry & Pam

Harry is home! Happy Birthday Harry! Hello, Jenne. This is the best news I have had to tell you. Harry came to eat at 12:12 last night (early morning). We arrived

Borbola & Ruth

Borbola is an International Jenne Mundy assisted kitty recovery case in London, UK. Missing 21.09.08, recovered mile and a half away 20 days later. I’m writing this because Jenne Mundy helped
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