Is my cat terrified?

Quick Response Not really. Explanation Cats don’t have human emotions. Abject terror isn’t sustainable. A more accurate description of what your cat is feeling: initial alarm, trepidation, caution, and hypervigilance. Cats don’t waste time panicking. They tend to get on with things.

Does my cat remember me?

Quick Response Yes! Explanation Your cat will never forget you. Never. When your cat doesn’t answer, it isn’t personal. Your cat isn’t rejecting you. This is purely about instinct. Your cat loves you, but the immediate priority is always survival. Love comes second.

Do any cats come home by themselves?

Quick Response Yes. Explanation Yes, some do. This usually happens if your cat has been shut in somewhere. Some displaced or injured cats might make their way home after they are convinced that the danger is past. However, it’s wise to proceed under the assumption that your cat might not be able to do so. … Read more

What is a kitty buffet?

Quick Response A goofy name for a feeding station. Explanation I came up with this term many years ago in order to make a client laugh. It’s misleading and inaccurate, and I apologize. All you’re doing is leaving good out. You don’t have to make more work for yourself by offering them a smorgasbord of … Read more

When should I start trapping?

Quick Response Have a scaredy cat?  The sooner, the better. Explanation Do you have a scared, hypervigilant cat who tends to run away and hide? The most expedient way to recover your cat might be to trap. The sooner, the better. The worst that can happen is you don’t get your cat. You might not … Read more

My neighbor/husband/wife/family member said my cat isn’t there anymore! Is this true?

Quick Response Consult your profile. Explanation Sometimes people say cruel things without thinking. Most of the time they honestly believe they’re helping. Unfortunately, wanting to be helpful and actually being helpful are two entirely different things. Take everything with a grain of salt. They don’t know your cat nearly as well as you do.

Where can I get a trap?

Quick Response Look online. Explanation A local shelter might loan you a trap, or you can get one online or at a hardware store. Look at traps that are appropriately sized for feral cats and raccoons.

How do I use a trap?

Quick Response YouTube! Explanation YouTube has many “how to” videos that will explain how to set up and operate your trap. Products often have helpful videos and instructions under product listings. There are also instructions in most feral rescue groups. The main things: check it often, refresh the food every day, and cover the top/sides … Read more

I’m physically unable to search or trap. What do I do?

Quick Response Concentrate on what you can do. Explanation Leaving out a feeding station will keep your cat from going elsewhere to forage food. Sitting outside and talking to your cat calmly–or just talking on your cellphone–will increase their confidence and keep them grounded so you’ll have better results. Engaging your neighbors on Nextdoor/social media … Read more