The Lost Cat App

Find and recover your cat no matter where you are in the world with the Lost Cat App.

Specific cat = specific behavior = specific strategy

Did you know that typical lost cat advice is generic and only really effective for friendly cats? It doesn’t take into account your cat’s unique personality, history, behavior, and environment. When the one-size-fits-all-lost-cats approach doesn’t work, most people give up or assume their cat has been stolen or killed.

How the Lost Cat App works

Use the eye of an expert feline behaviorist to profile your situation and get effective, proven strategies to find your missing cat.

The Lost Cat App takes a deep dive into the different characteristics of your cat’s psychological profile. By examining the behavioral profile against the backdrop of your environment, the application uses predictive analytics to provide as much certainty as possible about how to find your specific cat.

Lost Cat App Preview
Lost Cat App Preview

"Not all cats are the same. What works for one cat won’t work for another. You need insight into why your lost cat behaves the way s/he does. Most importantly, you need to predict what your cat will do and where s/he’ll go."

Get your cat's profile now!

The Lost Cat App analyzes your data and provides individualized instructions for your specific cat.  Get the answers to your questions: 

  • What happened to your cat
  • Why your cat isn’t home yet
  • How to look effectively
  • Where to focus your search
  • Which methods will yield results
  • When you’re most likely to find your cat

Want to start with something smaller?

Take our free Lost Cat: Quick Tips Quiz or consult our Lost Cat FAQ to get general advice to find your lost kitty.

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