Let's find your missing cat

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Lost Cat App Advice Preview


Let's find your missing cat

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85% Success Rate

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Reuniting Families
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We will generate a psychological profile and give you personalized instructions to find your missing cat including:

  • Where to look for your cat
  • Actions to take to bring your cat home
  • Key things to remember when your cat is lost
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CatProfiler Registration FAQ

What's included in my membership?

By registering with CatProfiler, you’ll gain access to CatFinder and our lost cat knowledge base. Your membership gives you access to unlimited lost cat profiles and information, and it’s good for your cat’s entire lifetime. 

How will the CatFinder help me find my missing cat?

Unlike generic lost cat advice, CatFinder takes YOUR cat’s unique personality and situation into consideration when it generates a cat-finding action plan for you to follow. You’ll have insight into what your cat is thinking, where they are, and what you should prioritize during your search for them. The CatProfiler team is cheering you on!

If you need additional assistance, take a look at our one-on-one lost cat consultation services.

I'm not ready to commit just yet, does CatProfiler have any other lost cat resources?

If you’re just looking for some quick lost cat advice, we have just what you need! Take our Lost Cat: Quick Tips Quiz for free, or consult our Lost Cat FAQ to get general advice to start your search.

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