Platita & Ben

Platita 2

Ben first met Platita when he first moved into his downtown apartment complex. She came up to him, meowing plaintively. She told him she was desperately hungry, cold, and all alone in the world. She told him what it was like to spend cold nights shivering for shelter under cars in the parking lot. She blinked her golden eyes and purred as she told him he was her one true soul mate. She had spent her entire life waiting for a human to cuddle her and keep her warm. Ben adored his Platita right from the start. She was that kind of lady.

Ben set her up in his apartment and took her to the vet for medical care. It turned out she was already spayed, but she had no microchip. The vet told him she had probably turned up at a feral colony sometime in the past. A rescue group would have spayed her, given her shots, and returned her to the streets. Ben’s heart broke at the thought of his beloved beautiful angel fighting strays for scraps. Never again! He had her microchipped and gave her a collar with a tag that said “LOST KITTY” and his phone number. He wasn’t going to take any chances that he might lose her.

A few days later Ben got his first phone call from a neighbor saying “hey, I think I have your cat.” Platita had gone up to another human, meowing plaintively, telling him she was desperately hungry and all alone in the world. That neighbor wasn’t the only call. There were many, many more. Eventually Ben got so annoyed with all the phone calls that he took the collar off.

It turns out that Platita went by many names, and she had many homes. She had been a fixture in the neighborhood for years. People often stopped to say hello when they saw her sunning herself in the courtyard. If she liked the look of you, she would fix her gaze on you, blink slowly, and purr gently. She made you feel like you were the most important person she’d ever met in her entire life. And you would believe her.

The first time Platita didn’t come home, Ben spent the night searching the courtyard and calling for her. She came strolling in the next morning, still warm from whatever neighbor’s house she had spent the night in.

This routine went on for years. She would visit all the neighbors, and some of them kept special snacks for her. It was a fairly small block of apartments, and most neighbors knew each other, so they would send her home again. But every now and then, people moved in, and when they met Platita, she’d go up to them and meow plaintively.

Then there came the day that Platita was missing for a week. Ben was really worried this time, and he called me. This cat! It was a really good bet that some kind human had believed her lies and “rescued” her. So I told Ben to call all the vets in the area, talk to all his neighbors, and get her photo on social media, as I was certain that whatever had happened, she’d seek help from a human.

A few days later, Ben got a call from a vet 30 miles away. Platita had found some tourists in Hemisphere Park and worked her particular magic until they put her in the car and took her home. The vet scanned her microchip and called Ben. He immediately went to get her.

On the way home, she gazed at him with her golden eyes and purred. She told him how awful it was to be stolen away, and how she was terribly mistreated and starved. She was so grateful Ben had come to rescue her, but she had never doubted he would.

Kiara & Marianne

I had been at my cottage for 2 weeks when my Kiara decided to leave on the eve of the first snowfall of the year with temperatures hitting -12 C. I was worried sick, and didn’t where to start looking considering she was somewhere in a vast boreal forest in freezing temperature and knowing that my cat is a bit wild (hunts a lot and goes very far from home, and was born outside).

Jenne was just so comforting and reassuring. She really tried to understand Kiara’s personality and behavior so that I could prioritize where to look for her. In the end she was right, and I found Kiara after 5 days! It shows that she knows what she’s talking about and that she cares A LOT. She gave me the confidence that my cat was still alive out there and it gave me the strength to keep looking for her!

Kiara & Marianne, Canada

Louloutte & Sophie

On August 23rd, my female cat Louloutte fell off the balcony on the 2nd floor of my apartment.

I heard her on the street, looked down but the time I got there, she ran off and there started my fear and my sadness.

I searched online for information, advise, experts in felines, and came across wonderful testimonies from people having been in contact with Jenne. I decided to contact her also, and we agreed on a good time to talk on the phone as I live in the Bordeaux region, in France.

The minute we started talking, I felt as if she was THE person to talk to. I listened to her recommendations, ideas, and information to start the search in strategic locations. I then took pictures and videos of where I live and immediately sent them to Jenne. She pointed out the locations where to look, when to look, how to call Louloutte so she would feel safe, and re assured me that she wasn’t far.

Jenne really made me feel as if she really cared for the return of Louloutte but also wanted me to not loose hope.

It could be a few weeks but with all her advise and good words, I indeed found back my Louloutte at 150 meters from my home, at my parents’ old address, sitting on the train tracks, as if she was waiting for me to get her. I called her, gave her one of her favorite pâtee, and as she started eating, I threw the pillow case over her (as Jenne suggested), and run the longest 150 meters of my life. My Louloutte cried all the way but once in the apartment, I felt as if she was telling me her ordeal.

Being out late every night when the streets were quiet, rain or shine, was hard but I went out searching for her. Jenne was right, she wasn’t far.

I truly want everyone to know that there are passionate, genuine and kind people in this world and Jenne is one of them. I have come across a lot of sites and stories but something attracted me to Jenne. My instinct was right on and am so glad I did contact her and followed her advise.

For everyone loosing a pet, I can relate our difficult it is, physically and mentally, but talking to someone who is an expert in cats’ behavior helps a lot.

So Jenne, Louloutte and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you will continue to bless other people with your expertise and kindness.

Love from Bordeaux!

Obi & Daniëlle

Five days after moving our sweet cat Obi escaped from our new home. After two weeks of searching and wondering where he was I found Jenne’s website. Within 24 hours we got on the phone. I was looking for a most likely scenario and nobody could give me that except for Jenne.

In the first call she immediately made a plan and from that moment on, it felt that we where in the search together. She was always there for me and when I lost hope she could lift me up and gave me the energy to keep going.

She had such practical tips and good advice which really worked. Because of her support I never gave up and after another 4 weeks we found our Obi back.

It was so great to have her helping me. She just knows so much about cats and their behavior. It helps to get a more focused plan. I was trying to search a very big area and with her insight I could save my energy and keep going on the things that she knew would work.

It was a horrible time but because of her I got through it.

I’m still very thankful for the help and enjoy every moment I have with our Obi.

Thank you for everything Jenne.

Kind regards
Daniëlle Verduijn
The Netherlands


In September 2019, my big tuxedo boy, Plato, escaped through an untended, open back door into an alley outside our home in Philadelphia. He escaped at night, and we didn’t even know he was missing until the next morning. I immediately panicked, with zero clue about how to get him back. My wife, Amy, had lost her cat (Hooper X) about 10 years previously and used Jenne to get him back. She gave me Jenne’s number and I immediately called.

Plato is chipped, so I also went through everything I needed to do to report him missing and alert the local SPCA and rescue groups to be on the lookout for him. He’s a BIG boy with distinct markings, so he’s easy to spot. When Jenne called me back, she asked me a lot of questions about Plato’s personality, what motivates him, if he’d ever escaped before, what kind of environment my neighborhood is, and where he might be hiding.

First, she made sure that we took care of his basic needs like food and water and told me what to look for so I could be reasonably assured that it was Plato who was visiting. The best recommendation she gave me, in addition to all of the practical, reasonable cat-related advice, was to buy a wireless security camera and set it up with a view of where he was probably hiding. Within just a few days I sighted my boy on camera! He was exactly where Jenne and I thought he would be, in a small grove of trees and overgrowth across the alley from my house. I could see that he was out there, he was nearby, and he was okay.

Once we knew that, Jenne walked me through the best kind of trap to use and the best ways to try to entice him inside it. After eight long, distraught days—during which Jenne helpfully talked me through all of my panic and despair—we saw Plato on the video about to go into the trap. Somehow he triggered it without ending up inside it, but that was okay. He was nearby and we were able to get him into the house with his favorite treats. As far as he was concerned, it was like nothing had even happened. He wasn’t even dirty!

I could not have been more relieved or more grateful to Jenne for helping get Plato home safely. Without her help, who knows how long he might have been out there and what might have happened to him. Jenne gave me the confidence and support to see the process through, and she did it all over the phone! It was like she’d known Plato from the time he was a kitten, even though she had never met him. I recommend Jenne to everyone who needs help with a lost cat or with a difficult cat behavior. She has helped us over and over again, and our cat kingdom is much better for it.

Doby, Nick, & Micaela


He’s home!!!!  Sure enough he and another cat were face to face (similar to the shiva experience) on the large yellow roof. we went one floor down to get a closer look and make sure it was him…and to do what you advised.  Originally he started walk slowly away (in the video)….so we stayed in sight and quickly open a fresh can of tuna that got his attention. Slowly he came back and started eating and we got him!

Let us know if you may have a few minutes to speak again. We have a few questions about what to do now that he’s home (anything special needed, go to the vet, etc?) and how to prevent and manage this the right way in the future.

Thanks so much we’re so happy!!  Him too hopefully!!

Nick and Micaela & Doby, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Sam, Ben, & Terry

We lost our youngest of five cats, Sam, as I was carrying him to the car at 5 a.m. on a Tuesday morning to take him to a veterinary specialist for thyroid treatment.  The carrier loosened enough for the door to swing loose, and he ran into the woods surrounding our house.  He had always been entirely indoors, and I couldn’t conceive of how he would find his way back, since he was in a panic and would have been completely disoriented.  We consulted more than one professional pet finder, we bought humane traps, we bought trail cameras, we had two different search dogs come out to find his scent, and after two weeks, all we had caught were raccoons and possums.   We were frantic with worry that what we were doing was driving him further away, or that we weren’t doing enough.  Regardless, I could see that what we were doing was not working, so I looked and found Jenne on line.   She was the first person we talked to that did not take a one size fits all approach to our search.  We live in a semi-rural area surrounded by acres of wooded hillside with little underbrush, and our cat is extremely skittish and jumpy; much of the advice we were given seemed more suited to people who live in more suburban or urban areas.

Jenne was able to schedule a consultation with me the same day I contacted her.  She spent more than an hour asking me about Sam, his personality, how he interacted with other animals and people, and what his habits are.  She then told us to pick up the traps and food stations in the woods because all we were doing was attracting animals that would scare him away and told us he was most likely to be found near a house because he would associate people with food, and he would more likely find a place to shelter near a house as opposed to an open forest floor.   She gave us a schedule and some tips on searching, but strongly suggested talking with neighbors if possible.  Because houses are so spread out in our area and stray animals are not uncommon, we didn’t think anyone would pay attention to an unfamiliar cat, but that weekend my husband walked door to door to the few houses in our area, handing out fliers with Sam’s picture and our contact information.  On Tuesday night, less than a week after we first got in touch with Jenne, one of the neighbors he spoke with who lives about 500 yards from our house spotted Sam in his shed.  Thanks to the flier, he was able to identify Sam and knew how to contact us.  Unbeknownst to us, this neighbor also had an indoor/outdoor cat so there was likely food and water there for Sam as well.  Jenne was spot on about where Sam would be found.

Her compassion and her calmness were as important as her advice.  This was a very difficult three weeks, and I always felt better and more optimistic after talking with Jenne.  We were starting to give up hope but after our consultation I began to think there could still be a chance we would find him.  Less than a week after talking with Jenne, we DID find him. 

We will always be grateful to her for her insight, advice and compassion.   We highly recommend Jenne to anyone who has lost their cat and needs guidance on finding it.

Jenne, we can never thank you enough for helping us find our Sam!

Wishing you the very best always, 

Ben and Terry Scheller

St. Louis, MO

Lily & Kris

A few years ago my kitten got out and I was devastated, I got a hold of Jenne got her # off the internet she assured me my kitten was not far away. I was convinced she was long gone. With some coaching from Jenne on how to bring her back it only took a few days and we got her back. I am so thankful for Jenne’s amazing knowledge on this and I recommend her services any day. Thank you Jenne Mundy.

Kris and Lily, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Arthur, Jen, & Stephen

Hey Jenne,

WE HAVE ARTHUR!   We went back at 12:30 when it was pretty quiet and Stephen went up the ladder.  Arthur tried really hard and travelled the five or more feet to get to Stephen’s arms and he carried Arthur down and handed him to me and I carried him home! He is drinking lots of water but seems ok.

He’s very loving. He’ll being staying in our room tonight. Chloe was not to pleased to see him but I’m sure all that will pass.

Thanks so much for all your help and support we really appreciate it!

Jen, Stephen & Arthur, Toronto, Canada

Pleuntje & Caroline

Pleuntje is back!!!!
Jenne, I hope you are feeling as good as I do now!

Last evening I received a phonecall from a man that told me he had seen a white cat somewhere, two times. And because he had seen my flyer he thought he should call me. And for the first time in these last four weeks I felt some kind of ‘believing this could be it’!
I went to see him and he showed me where it was. So this night I went there to sit there, it was 2.30 am pfff, with a pillowcover, snacks, light etc…everything needed to catch her…..

After two hours in which nothing happened I was so cold and bored that I decided to go home. But what I had not done until than was shine with my flashlight. I did not want to scare her off by doing that. But that moment before going home I thought I need to look first otherwise its stupid to go without checking that way. And there she was, my beautiful girl, hiding inside a worldwar 2 bunker I was sitting on the entire time, calling and whistling. As you said, she didn`t make a sound.

I put down the plate of food right in front of her and talk to her soothingly. She started to grown, that sounds like a cow. That means she`s a bit scared, so I backed away and sat myself down a little further from her. Than she came out of her hidingplace. First I thought she would run of. She didn`t touch the food but still growled. Than she walked towards me, I think she recognised me before I did her. This kitty is so much smaller, thinner, but after 4 weeks that`s normal.

She started to stroke her head against me, so much and miauwed but with a strange sound, not like I was used to from her. I talked to her and walked towards a bowl of dry food. From this she started to eat. Then she came back to me, clearly happy with my presence. At that time I thought about what I would do next. Stuff her in the pillowcover? I could easily pick her up, but for a short while than she resisted. But she did follow me when I walked away.

Jenne, She followed me all the way home, miauwing in her strange voice!!! I opened the door and I swear she remembered because she knew her way and walked right through. Next thing I did was check if it was really her by holding her underneath the scanner I have that is used to open the catdoor only to Babushka and Pleuntje. It peeped and I could be sure!

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did I already thank you for your help? I don`t think so…..: THANK YOU!!!!!

A very happy Caroline and Pleuntje, Ooltgensplaat, the Netherlands