Aria & Audrey


Hi Jenne,

Great news!  She’s been missing for 27 days and is finally home! She’s not traumatized at all and maybe just lost a pound or two. Unfortunately she’s more interested in exploring my room than some Mommy bonding time but I’m just so relieved to see her again safe and sound.

The trauma of losing my cat weighed heavily on me every day that she was gone. Thank you so much for being my guide and support during this process. Your encouragement and advice kept me going every day. So many times I felt like giving up or felt like a bad Mommy and your encouragement pulled me through.

This month has been one of the hardest in my life. The sad part is over and now it’s time for me to celebrate. I hope you feel really good about what you do. You’re the only person who gave me guidance that made sense and ultimately led to me trapping my cat.

Please feel free to use part or all of my story for your site. Your service helps a lot of grief stricken pet owners in my situation and the hardest part by far is to keep going with the search and trap efforts.

I gotta go and pet Aria some more. It’s like a dream having her back!

All the best,

Audrey and Aria
ps.  Aria says thank you too!!

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