Borbola & Ruth


Borbola is an International Jenne Mundy assisted kitty recovery case in London, UK. Missing 21.09.08, recovered mile and a half away 20 days later.

I’m writing this because Jenne Mundy helped me find my cat and I can recommend her for anyone looking for their lost kitty. And I don’t even live on the same continent….

2 yr old Borbola adopted me when I moved apartments. It was freezing outside when he needed food and shelter sometimes, as things weren’t working out with the family he lived with. He put on his best charming, huge-eyed “feed me I’m friendly face” and sneaked into my apartment behind me when I came home…  I checked out who he belonged to and cutting a long story short, came to an agreement with the family to buy him and give him a home. He was gone with no trace.

He chose well…. His new vet neutered and micro chipped him, he had a fabulous diet of the pricier cat food brands, toys, cuddles. My partner Simon adored him. We all moved to a new apartment, cat paradise, just off road, backing onto woods, quiet neighbourhood. He stayed indoors for 3 weeks and then began to be allowed to venture out – most cats in the UK are indoor-outdoor kitties. He went out and came home daily. For 2 weeks, all was well. Then he suddenly didn’t come home at all..

For 1 week we leafled postered, knocked on doors, wandered the area calling, catfood in my hand, catfood in my purse. I contacted every shelter, every organisation, spoke to some, er, interesting characters, looked in people’s gardens, and got bad flu.

Then Simon and I spoke to Jenne Mundy. She was extremely methodical and very warm.  Jenne listened to my worst fears, appraised them rationally and came up with really practical strategies that fitted in with Borbola.   Her prediction was that he would go to humans for food in the way he had first approached me. He was in fact found a mile and a half away in a built up area, pulling the old “feed me I’m friendly” huge-eyed pretty cat routine with strangers for food – and trying to skip into their apartments behind them …

Jenne’s strategies were logical and cat-orientated and manageable. Simon and I were emotional and tired – yetwe had this calm ‘voice’ via email or phonecalls via the internet, suggesting the next cat-logical move. I am convinced without Jenne we would not have been able to find Borbola.

We would have got exhausted carrying out impractical search strategies that didn’t match his behaviour at all. We got grounded, practical encouragement.

No-one can wave a magic wand and bring your kitty home, you have to do the work, act on advice!! Jenne was a brilliant, accurate cat-profiler: recommended for anyone trying to find their lost kitty.

Ruth and Borbola, London UK

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