Bugs, Earl, & Becky


When our kitty ‘Bugs’ went missing in late May, my wife was absolutely distraught.  It seemed like everything we were trying was failing or was at least a day late.  It was after a week of sheer frustration when she found Jenne Mundy’s website and asked me my thoughts.  To say the least I was very skeptical and at first thought it was a scam.  Knowing how upset and desperate my wife was for any possible answers I agreed to give Jenne a try.

Jenne’s approach was very sincere and thorough…in fact we got cut off after talking to her for an hour and she promptly called back and kept going over things with my wife for another twenty to thirty minutes.  Whenever we had a question Jenne was very prompt to get back to our emails with suggestions and solutions.  We started using her suggestions immediately, which gave our searches and efforts more meaning and purpose.

In our case, it appears that someone took Bugs for a ride and dropped him off several miles away.  He had been staying with a lady for two weeks when she saw our ad in the local paper about a missing black cat and gave us a call.  Jenne’s approach was for a cat that went into survival mode and stayed fairly close to home – which is the most common situation when kitties go missing.  If Bugs had been within 1/2 to 1 mile radius we fully believe that her suggestions would have brought him home.  Her insights and knowledge gave us things to work on now that Bugs has returned home to make him feel more safe, secure and loved.

Please keep your spirits up and don’t give up hope.  We proudly give our full recommendation for Jenne Mundy.  By following Jenne’s suggestions, the chances for getting your cat home safely is greatly increased.

God Bless,

Earl & Becky and Bugs Calvert,  East Wenatchee, WA

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