Doby, Nick, & Micaela



He’s home!!!!  Sure enough he and another cat were face to face (similar to the shiva experience) on the large yellow roof. we went one floor down to get a closer look and make sure it was him…and to do what you advised.  Originally he started walk slowly away (in the video)….so we stayed in sight and quickly open a fresh can of tuna that got his attention. Slowly he came back and started eating and we got him!

Let us know if you may have a few minutes to speak again. We have a few questions about what to do now that he’s home (anything special needed, go to the vet, etc?) and how to prevent and manage this the right way in the future.

Thanks so much we’re so happy!!  Him too hopefully!!

Nick and Micaela & Doby, Phnom Penh Cambodia

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