King George & Laura


Dear Jenne,

I am so happy to have met you and so happy that King George is back!

He lost almost 4 lbs and the white part of his fur looks almost black. I bought a box of cat wipes and will slowly help him get clean!

My boyfriend was at home when he heard King George crying outside. He may have forgotten about ringing the bell.  He opened the door and King George looked almost frightened at first and wanted to run away but my boyfriend calmed him down. He had to call his name 2,3 times before he turned around.

He came in and ate almost 3 bowls of wet food and drank a lot of water. He could not decide whether to eat or drink first. He seemed very relieved.  Every step of the way every little thing in the apartment he recognised settled him down.  His voice was hoarse most likely due to dehydration.  Throughout the day he kept wanting to go outside and would go and hide under the staircase beneath the house. I suspect he must have been stuck in a dark place for a while and is a little shocked to be back in the open.

The vet said he is healthy. We also discovered he already has a microchip and I called the company to register and give them my information.

Please stay in touch and again thanks a million!

warmest wishes,

~Laura and King George, San Francisco, CA

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