Louloutte & Sophie


On August 23rd, my female cat Louloutte fell off the balcony on the 2nd floor of my apartment.

I heard her on the street, looked down but the time I got there, she ran off and there started my fear and my sadness.

I searched online for information, advise, experts in felines, and came across wonderful testimonies from people having been in contact with Jenne. I decided to contact her also, and we agreed on a good time to talk on the phone as I live in the Bordeaux region, in France.

The minute we started talking, I felt as if she was THE person to talk to. I listened to her recommendations, ideas, and information to start the search in strategic locations. I then took pictures and videos of where I live and immediately sent them to Jenne. She pointed out the locations where to look, when to look, how to call Louloutte so she would feel safe, and re assured me that she wasn’t far.

Jenne really made me feel as if she really cared for the return of Louloutte but also wanted me to not loose hope.

It could be a few weeks but with all her advise and good words, I indeed found back my Louloutte at 150 meters from my home, at my parents’ old address, sitting on the train tracks, as if she was waiting for me to get her. I called her, gave her one of her favorite pâtee, and as she started eating, I threw the pillow case over her (as Jenne suggested), and run the longest 150 meters of my life. My Louloutte cried all the way but once in the apartment, I felt as if she was telling me her ordeal.

Being out late every night when the streets were quiet, rain or shine, was hard but I went out searching for her. Jenne was right, she wasn’t far.

I truly want everyone to know that there are passionate, genuine and kind people in this world and Jenne is one of them. I have come across a lot of sites and stories but something attracted me to Jenne. My instinct was right on and am so glad I did contact her and followed her advise.

For everyone loosing a pet, I can relate our difficult it is, physically and mentally, but talking to someone who is an expert in cats’ behavior helps a lot.

So Jenne, Louloutte and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope you will continue to bless other people with your expertise and kindness.

Love from Bordeaux!

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