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At CatProfiler, we help people become their own cat detectives. We have over twenty years of experience helping clients all over the world find over a thousand lost cats, and we coach cats and their human companions with behavioral modification and training so they can live together in peace and harmony.

Have a lost cat?

Programs and strategies tailored to your individual cat. Scientific. Proven. 20 years of experience reuniting feline families. Recover your missing kitty as quickly as possible.

Find your lost cat by yourself!

Use our methods to find your lost cat on your own using our lost cat application, no matter where you are in the world.

We’ll lead you through a series of questions about your cat’s history, lifestyle, personality, temperament, and environment. The answers to your questions unlock your cat’s behavioral profile.

  • Analyze probable scenarios about what happened to your cat.
  • Decipher how your cat is likely to behave in each scenario.
  • Map out where to look for your cat.
  • Discover strategies to find your lost cat fast.

Still need help?

Phone consultations and one-on-one coaching.

Programs and strategies tailored to your individual cat.

Creative and manageable recovery solutions designed specifically for you and your cat. Ongoing support via Zoom, email, phone, and text to keep you focused throughout your search. You don’t have to go through this alone.

  • Custom phone consultation.
  • Unbiased and expert assessment.
  • Tailored for you and your unique cat.
  • Logical and manageable recovery strategies.
  • Follow-up support via texts, emails, and phone.

$250 USD – 60-minute consultation
$500 USD – Consultation and 4 weeks of follow-up coaching

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Cat behavior problems?

Is your cat’s behavior stressing you out?

Cat stress? Are you running out of patience with your kitty? Problems with aggression? Spraying? Biting? Pooping outside the box? Nothing is worse than cat drama. You’ve come to the right place! We can help you understand where your cat is coming from and get you both on the same page. We’ll deliver clear, logical, down-to-earth strategies tailored for you and your individual cat.

A happy feline means a happy family!

$300 USD – In-home consultation 

$200 USDincluding 60 minute video consultation and follow-up coaching via text, email, and phone for two weeks

Our Mission

To understand and respect each cat as a unique individual shaped by experiences and personality. To provide humans with the tools necessary to communicate effectively with their cats and get them home as quickly as possible. To coach and support humans through the process.

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