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Free Lost Cat Resources

Take our quiz to get quick tips on how to find your lost cat, or consult our FAQ to get answers to common lost cat questions.
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  • 1 – 5 Question Quick Tips Quiz
  • Lost Cat FAQs

The Lost
Cat App

Our Lost Cat App uses behavioral analysis to provide you with strategies to find your lost cat. Now you can find your lost cat with no matter where you are in the world.
$ 24
  • Exhaustive quiz about your cat’s history, lifestyle, personality, temperament, and environment.
  • Customized Behavioral Profile
  • Probable scenarios about what happened to your cat.
  • Decipher how your cat is likely to behave in each scenario.
  • Map out where to look for your cat.
  • Discover strategies to find your lost cat fast.
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Basic Lost Cat Coaching

Our basic package for virtual lost cat coaching. Talk to our cat specialist one-on-one and get solutions customized to your cat.
$ 250
  • 60 minute phone or video consultation
  • Unbiased assessment from our expert behaviorist
  • Analysis of what your lost cat is thinking
  • Creation of a search grid prioritizing areas of focus
  • Logical, clear instructions and recovery strategies

Premium Lost Cat Coaching

Unlimited time in your virtual consultation, 4 weeks of follow-up support, and everything in our basic package.
$ 500
  • Unlimited time in phone or video consultation
  • 4 weeks of virtual follow-up support
  • Customized Behavioral Profile
  • Unbiased assessment from our expert behaviorist
  • Analysis of what your lost cat is thinking
  • Creation of a search grid prioritizing areas of focus
  • Logical, clear instructions and recovery strategies

The Lost Cat App

Find and recover your cat no matter where you are in the world with the Lost Cat App.

Specific cat = specific behavior = specific strategy

Did you know that typical lost cat advice is generic and only really effective for friendly cats? It doesn’t take into account your cat’s unique personality, history, behavior, and environment. When the one-size-fits-all-lost-cats approach doesn’t work, most people give up or assume their cat has been stolen or killed.

How the Lost Cat App works

Use the eye of an expert feline behaviorist to profile your situation and get effective, proven strategies to find your missing cat.

The Lost Cat App takes a deep dive into the different characteristics of your cat’s psychological profile. By examining the behavioral profile against the backdrop of your environment, the application uses predictive analytics to provide as much certainty as possible about how to find your specific cat.

Lost Cat App Preview
Lost Cat App Preview

"Not all cats are the same. What works for one cat won’t work for another. You need insight into why your lost cat behaves the way s/he does. Most importantly, you need to predict what your cat will do and where s/he’ll go."

Get your cat's profile now!

The Lost Cat App analyzes your data and provides individualized instructions for your specific cat.  Get the answers to your questions: 

  • What happened to your cat
  • Why your cat isn’t home yet
  • How to look effectively
  • Where to focus your search
  • Which methods will yield results
  • When you’re most likely to find your cat

One-on-one Lost Cat Finding Consultations

I am your investigator, coach, active listener, grief counselor, support system, sleuth, and cheerleader. I’m here to help you remove the barriers between you and the safe return of your lost cat. I’m here to provide clarity and cut through the noise, confusion, and advice that doesn’t make sense. I’ll help you find your lost cat without losing your mind.

How does it work?

First, we talk via phone, WhatsApp, Zoom, or Skype.  I’ll take a detailed history of your cat, including lifestyle, environment, temperament, and personality.  We’ll go over the circumstances of the disappearance.  If I understand your cat’s thinking and reasoning, I am better equipped to predict his/her behavior.  We’ll create an action plan tailored to your specific cat and situation.

Get a better understanding of your cat’s behavioral profile

It’s my job to interpret the nuances of cat behavior and then translate their language to their owners. The average lost cat will never admit s/he needs help. The detailed analysis of your cat’s behavioral profile will identify the most effective strategies for recovering your particular cat.

Search effectively and thoroughly

Will your cat hide under your deck or go off exploring on an adventure? You need a different plan of action and manageable strategies for your individual cat. What works for a friendly cat won’t work for your shy, scared kitty. Using your cat’s individualized behavioral profile will give you the tools you need.

Don’t waste time looking in the wrong places

Every minute is precious when it comes to getting your cat back home. As time goes by, your journey to your cat’s recovery gets more and more challenging. What if you get dozens of sightings, and you’re not sure which one is your cat? Or what if you get no sightings at all? During coaching, I’m here to help you filter out the noise and confusion and prioritize your action plan — in real-time as your situation changes.

Manage your time wisely

Finding your cat and bringing him/her home safely might take a while. I’ll help you conserve your time and energy so you don’t become exhausted and burned out following leads that go nowhere. Keep up your strength and sanity while you bring your lost cat home!  

Want to start with something smaller?

Take our free Lost Cat: Quick Tips Quiz or consult our Lost Cat FAQ to get general advice to find your lost kitty.

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